About Me

Artem Novichkov

Hi there! My name is Artem Novichkov. I am an iOS Developer.

I work at Welltory, where I'm developing an app that enables users to sync data from other apps and gadgets to gain insights into their health and lifestyle.

In addition to my work at Welltory, I am also a teacher at Netology, where I teach iOS development courses. My responsibilities include hosting webinars, grading homework and course assignments, and creating teaching materials.

I am passionate about Swift and open-source development. My primary focus is on the iOS platform, and sometimes I publish interesting and useful content on my Github. I am currently working on developing pet projects and writing blog posts on SwiftUI.

Occasionally, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge through public speaking. You can find a playlist of my talks on  Youtube.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games on my Nintendo Switch OLED and PS5. When I'm not at home, I like to fly my DJI mini 2 drone.


Full-time positions

Part-time positions

  • Netology

    iOS Expert



  • Solvery

    iOS Mentor



  • Codementor

    iOS Mentor



  • Upwork

    Freelance iOS Developer